With the right guidance and our natural power of thought, we can really begin to thrive in the ways we have always wanted.

With the right guidance, we can all harness the power of our natural ability to think and action ourselves to flourish. There is nothing more powerful than the correct use of the imagination for problem solving. And I will help you rediscover that power.

To make a change in our lives, we must first imagine how good it will be. Life is often stressful. It can feel completely overwhelming at times. The good news is, there is a way forward and it works.

The Human Givens.
It's about meeting your human needs.

Central to The Human Givens Approach is the knowledge that we have a universal set of emotional and physical needs.

Simply put, we are better served when we discover purpose and meaning. Feel a sense of competence. Autonomy. Security. When we have intimacy. Truth. Privacy and positive social connections.

When our needs are not met, we meet life with unstable foundations. Foundations that often collapse. The result manifests in relationship or work difficulties. Addiction. Labels such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD can be mentioned. These are all signs that things are not working!

It is no surprise then, that when all, or most of our needs are met, that we can truly meet life with the scope to master it's challenges.

Focused on you. 
We're in this together.

"I know that life can be so much more rewarding and fulfilling when we engage in the pursuit of solutions for change, and experience extraordinary personal development.

Working together you can expect things to improve very quickly. You will experience a shift after the first session and it is likely you will only need 3-5 sessions in total.

With an NHS background as an Occupational Therapist, an evidence based and neuroscience approach to therapy (Human Givens) and by using hypnotherapy to convert procrastination into action, you can achieve breakthroughs beyond measure. Because your life matters."

Emily Gajewski - Human Givens Therapy and Training.


Tools and Resources.

As an author, coach, therapist and trainer, I offer you a message that your true self is not something to search for. You have a true self, it's something that you in part discover, but in part create, and that is a liberating and exciting prospect. Below are some downloads for you to explore.