Emotional resilience training for schools.

The aim of this training is to embed emotional management skills into the whole school, by equipping teaching and pastoral care staff with fundamental knowledge and skills. Building the emotional resilience of young people in this way is proven to increase performance and happiness, helping to ‘bulletproof’ a generation’s mental health!

The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition (which advises the government through research and publications) recognises the importance of Emotional Resilience training in schools, suggesting the following positive outcomes:

  • Giving your pupils the skills to cope with the ups and downs of life, help them develop good relationships, and reach their full potential. It will also help make the school a healthier and ‘safer’ environment.
  • Improving the academic attainment of all of your pupils.
  • Helping you reach Ofsted’s targets to improve the behaviour and safety of pupils, enhancing the results of your Ofsted inspection.

Training can be delivered to staff groups as a 1.5 hour, half day or full day’s training package. Content will be individually tailored to meet the needs of that school. Often a series of 2 or 3 training sessions proves most effective as goals can be set at the end of each session and then they can be reviewed and tweaked in further sessions to make changes sustainable and meaningful.


What can you expect?

Parenting Training - 'Just What We Need.'

Just What We Need’ is a parenting course which aims to enable parents to understand and meet their emotional needs and thereby those of their children. It can be delivered to individuals or as part of a group. It is based on a very practical approach where participants are invited to look at their own emotional needs and how best to met them, thereby making them so much better equipped to relate to and meet the needs of their children in an empathetic way.

The participant’s own parenting is considered and unhelpful patterns undone so that they can approach their children with more self-awareness and an increased ability to put in to practice positive parenting techniques.

In March 2011, Sue Saunders completed her MA research comparing the effectiveness of the ‘Just What we Need' programme for parents in comparison to another standard programme ‘Parent Plus.’ The results showed that Just what we need was far more effective in parenting outcomes.

The programme is now being rolled out nationally and has just received ‘the quality mark’ as an accredited parenting course with CANparent, a national register . This Quality Mark is becoming a recognised mark in tendering processes in Local Authorities across England.

Self-Harm Training Day

Self-harming, by both men and women, is on the increase and one of the behaviours many find hard to treat. This key training day demystifies self-harming and its causes and shows why we should not give up on people — even in the most apparently hopeless situations.

It is common to feel powerless in the face of such wilful self-destruction – and many also find such behaviour difficult to understand or sympathise with – but armed with the clear, research-based framework and practical skills taught on this course, you needn’t feel that way again.

Its wealth of information and useful tips will ensure you give sufferers the best chance of moving on in their lives – you will hear from people who have completely stopped (or dramatically reduced) self-harming and are now living fulfilled lives.

What is covered in this day?

•    The essential Dos and Don'ts for teams and individuals working with people who self-harm

•    Demystification of self-harming behaviours and a greater understanding of why they occur

•    Powerful techniques and a 'tried-and-tested' framework, drawn from profound knowledge about what people need to function well, that will transform your effectiveness

•    How to tell the difference between self-harming and a suicide attempt

•    An opportunity to learn and practise some of the key skills you need when working with people who self-harm

•    A cohesive and effective treatment strategy

•    Enlightening filmed interviews and case histories which show how it is possible to help self-harmers to live fulfilling lives again

•    New confidence when making interventions with people who once seemed unreachable

•    Practical ways for reducing your anxiety when working in this area

This training can be run as a 1.5 hours ‘awareness raising’ session or as a half or full day’s skills based workshop. Workshops will be individually tailored to meet the needs of your group. Please contact me to find out how I can help your organisation understand and work with the issue in the most effective way.