A solution-focused approach that works fast.

The basis of this therapy is drawn from The Human Givens Approach. This approach is based on over 10 years research into what makes us ‘emotionally well’ and flourish, i.e. the ‘givens’ of being human!

The founders of this approach really put all the schools of therapies under the microscope and honed down a set of guiding principles and techniques that were shown to be the most evidence based and drawn from a deep understanding of how the brain works. Therefore, it is a comprehensive new model of the way we function; understanding how the mind makes sense of information and experiences. It is based on established scientific principles with results that have been measured and published in top peer reviewed journals.  

My aim is always to help you feel empowered to change from the first session. Unhelpful emotions that are creating unhelpful patterns of thought and/or behavior are released in an efficient way, without needlessly raking over the past. This then really frees up your inner resources naturally, so that you feel so much more fulfilled and able to participate more fully with life.

In short, it is by meeting our physical and emotional needs that we survive and develop as individuals and a species. There is widespread agreement as to the nature of our emotional needs. For a more detailed understanding of our human needs (in the image below) you can explore The Human Givens.

What can you expect?

Personal Therapy for Adults.

Research had shown that focusing on the past and what has gone wrong in endless therapy sessions can, unsurprisingly, make matters worse!

My approach is focused on helping you tap into your own inner resources (which may have been obscured by recent or ongoing stress) and help you create much more happiness and contentment in your life now and in the future. The basis of my work is informed by the Human Givens Approach, which is brief and gives you tools and understanding which you can continue to use throughout your life.

This type of effective therapy and coaching is brief and practical (with an average of 4 – 6 sessions). I have worked with the Human Givens therapy approach for over 15 years with tremendous success. In just a few sessions, we can achieve lasting effects. Personal and professional improvements are often shown to continue after therapy has ended. 

I use only the most evidence based techniques, including Solution Focused Therapy Includes CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Transactional Analysis and Non Violent Communication Skills Training. Each session is tailor-made to the individual and tools are selected to best suit individual needs.

Each session lasts up to 90 minutes, meaning we have sufficient time to really explore the current difficulties, make a clear set of goals which we will work towards, then set to work using the most appropriate tools to begin letting go of unwanted patterns of thought or behavior and pave the way for change and success. 

Please do call or e-mail me for a no obligation chat about how we can work together to release your potential and live your life more in the way you would like to.

Personal Therapy for Children and Adolescents

Unusual or unwanted behaviour is often what we first spot when something is not working in a child’s life. Often this behaviour seems unfathomable to us adults but usually there is a reasons for it that seems ‘logical’ to the child-shaped brain!

Helping a child make sense of their own feelings, ‘normalising’ them and helping them find more useful ways of getting their emotional needs met, means that unhelpful behaviour often ‘melts away.’

In my experience, equipping a child, young or older, with effective tools to manage difficult feelings can be immensely helpful in their journey through life and actually help them ‘ride the emotional waves’ of life with much more ease. Incidents of self harm and addictions in young adolescents are hugely on the increase, I feel passionate about equipping our young people with the skills and increased resources they need to enable them not to resort to these desperate behaviours. I have seem young people come out of these situations and absolutely flourish in their own unique way time and time again, it’s a wonderful privilege!